Sunday, September 25, 2011

In You, Me

A reader in Bangkok and one in Brazil,
I can tell you both that my head is very tired now,
very tired, and I am honored by your visits,
and I am working today with people's needs -
needy people (there are so many of them)
 - ringing and ringing -
everyone's suicidal tonight or addicted to heroin
or living with an abusive boyfriend or coping with
the loss of a child given up for adoption
because life is too crazy living with you
and you understand that.

She is nearly falling apart, shaking in her room.
The story that sustains her is one of a biblical nature
she says, though I am not familiar with it.
God sees two women fighting over a baby and asks,
Who is the child's mother?
Both answer, I am.
God offers to cut the baby in half to settle the dispute
One woman agrees selfishly and the other says no in horror.
Thus the true mother is revealed.

May we all try to help a little where we can.

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