Monday, January 9, 2012


During a break on the
overnight shift,
I took a quick walk
in the pre-dawn frost.

The moon is full, behind a curtain of cloud,
but I can still see her curves,
and can't help but admire.

It was in the neighborhood of
St. Cecilia's Catholic Church
where the houses are old
and well-kept.

There is pride here, tradition,
an Irish Flag, a French-Canadian corner store
offering Pork Pies and Puteen,
a bodega, and a sign at the Spanish-American Club
promising the keys to English.

When there's no one around, I love you all...

That's what I'm thinking when
here, all at once, is Jesus -
dazzling in a crimson cloak,
brilliant nimbus of headlights,
open arms raised in

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