Thursday, February 23, 2012


The rain on the road makes you clean
writing your own anthem
and wanting more than anything
back then
one of those sandwiches
you could smell but not

Lean doesn't cover it
you were eating yourself
and there is not much nostalgia here
just the smell of the air
that feeling of clean
and all the desire your pockets
could hold.

Imagine yourself somewhere
looking out upon snow
covered in a warm yellow day
of blankets and love,
the smell of coffee and bacon.

Imagine yourself somewhere
looking out upon snow
not looking in
face stung by wind and ice rain,
feet soaked and blue.

You could come with me
and we'll share our troubles gracefully
celebrating our humble good fortunes as they come,
and come sometime they must,
with a little faith.

We ride the trains, notice the birds, wonder at the sky...

These things sustain us,
our hearts stay full,
I am not sullen,
You are not disappointed,
and we never, never feel

1 comment:

  1. beautiful piece, full of imaginations and sensations, line to line!


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