Thursday, May 17, 2012

Forces In Motion

will just roll over it all, fuck you,
your small faces, your homes and keepsakes,
dreams and treasures, secrets,
your favortite things, your loves,
all you worship and adore

will lay waste and leave ruins
blood, tears, terror, and loss
that will echo
down the years

will crush your heroes and your hopes,
make a mockery of all you hold sacred
and brutalize your idols leaving them
staggering naked in the street
drugged, raped and pathetic,
painted up silly,
rubber tires hanging
around their necks

you can join us,
or you can join them,
but the choice isn't really yours,
is it?

you can bear witness or
you can be dumb enough
to try to pick up the pieces
and tend to the wounds,
that is,
if you're still

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