Thursday, July 26, 2012

Artists Write For The People

I'm looking for this story for you,
really paging through volumes,
trying to find the one in which
the world is a safe place
and all the predators are in the zoo
happy now and taken care of, a place
where wild is just a ride on a roller coaster
not tooth and claw and red.

I want to read to you
this story in which
people are who they say they are
set in a place where it is really
bad to lie, cheat, steal
and hurt each other.

I want to tell you  a story about
a place where people are free
and responsible
where the weak, sick, old, young
the less fortunate
are taken care of
because it's the right
thing to do.

I'm looking for that story now,
maybe I should call you when I find it?


  1. I like the longing in this. There is a protective feel here that makes me remember being tucked in tight with a little lamp left on. Lovely. I especially liked the predators being in a zoo.

  2. big LIKE!
    agree with Grey on "protective feel" and "predators being in a zoo"


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