Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Coming From Where Sam's From

Sam is my oldest boy. He, of the three, looks the most like me. And our relationship is the most complicated. This week he started middle school in a new town where he knows no one. He brought home a writing assignment tonight. I'd like to share it.
I am from...
I am from my small room
From the gas station down the street
I am from a big family
From my small town
From a mom who says
Don't forget to say thank you
I am from banoffee pie
My favorite pie
From the first day of
I am from my special box


  1. He's inherited your writing ability most certainly - this is superb at any age!

    1. Thanks, Sandra. It made me proud and gave me chills.

  2. repeating "I am from" and "from" in a sequence makes this very poetic, he definitely has talents to be a good poet/writer in the future


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