Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nature Takes It's Course

You, the Shit that shot that little girl in the head,
I would like to kill you tonight with my own hands
asking you through clenched teeth, spit and red rage
if your prophet really has no sense of humor or
if it's just your own unquenchable sense of inferiority
that makes you worship death and bully the small,
beating out of you the reason why your tyrant god
thirsts for the tears of innocents, the blood of children.

You holy  warring shithead...

You are less than human:
that thought blossoms in my reptile brain
the seed deftly planted with the perverse calculus
of your vile action.

This is how you win?

1 comment:

  1. Anybody who feels him/herself as a human being has the same questions and the same level of hate and anger to these unrecognized type of walking creatures!!!!
    even knowing the fact that these “holy warring shitheads” are capable of much more savagery and brutality doesn't make it easy to see the kids as victims of their dirty game or war!


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