Monday, July 29, 2013

Gets You Out of Bed In The Morning

Working in the emergency room last night
listening to a woman screaming because she isn't getting
what she wants

I've known her since she was fifteen years old
and she's been screaming since
long before that

My daughter calls in the middle of the screaming
to ask if I'm alright,
a friend texted her a message saying
there may have been a murder on my street

I'm okay, I tell her, don't worry, I'm okay

Meanwhile, I'm writing up an evaluation about a man
who hasn't slept in a week and his poor eyes,
I want to cover them with my hands

I spend several hours driving when I leave that place,
and at long last find my bed

This morning, I don't want to leave it
but the female voice from my GPS says "bear up"
somewhere inside my head and I begin the day.

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