Saturday, January 16, 2010


The experts say that there is
a window of 72 hours
when you are a terrified child, or woman or old man
buried under cement slabs
and other rubble hoping
someone will discover you.

There are thousands of you, now
gone beyond the window.
Still under there.

I can't imagine that your heart will ever heal from this.
That your children will ever feel safe again.
That any one of you will ever believe in anything

I would offer you something, but...
I'm as ashamed to look
as I am to
turn away...

Sitting here.

Everything I might say
is cheap and weak.

Maybe the god in this is in the rescue effort.

Maybe if it were me feeling the impossibly heavy slab moved
off of my broken body
the sudden rush of air and blinding sunlight,
strong human hands pulling me free...
maybe then
I'd be able
 to say something

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