Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anxiety Dreams

Maybe one day on
a list of far lesser poets
someone will wonder
what if anything
you did with your hours,
days and years in this

and what you saw
and how you felt it

And whether life was
light or heavy
for you

And if you loved
anything or
if you
murdered the only
hope you knew
with your own
guilty hands

And if you had children
and what kind of father
you were

What kind of man
are you?


  1. Writing the words you do, no-one can doubt your worth, what you have done with your life - be anxious for those who cannot express themselves except by their actions.
    I wondered if you would be interested in this :

  2. simple words, deep questions!
    it is not easily possible to be perfect in life, but if anybody cares, understands and asks such questions, it shows he has been in right way regardless to how much achievements he has had in his life. and without a doubt, such a man is one of the best fathers that children may wish to have


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