Tuesday, April 19, 2011


One eye never closes,
cannot blink.
It burns and waters and sees
and sees and sees.

One eye never opens,
cannot wake.
It wonders and imagines and dreams
and dreams and dreams.

This place might not be
your kind of place,
and then again
it might be.

Admit it,
you don't know yourself anymore
only your various functions,
but then are we really
any more than that -
the sum total of our deeds?

Teach the boy how to be
a good friend.
Do you know how?

First you must convince him
that lying, cheating and stealing -
although admittedly incorrect,
are not really the norm -
not common practice.

It would be better if you believed it.

The beholder is coming.
His eyes are open.
Think about what he sees.

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