Sunday, April 22, 2012


I noticed something recently
one of those trite bits of advice
I saw posted somewhere
telling me to stop bashing what I hate
and start promoting what I love
so let me tell you how good it is
to have ringing in your ears twenty-four hours
after receiving a dose of raw live rock and roll
flinging your body around
remembering your age and then ditching it
let me talk to you for a second about looking into the eyes of a friend
after a long absence and what it's like to realize
you're getting another chance to do so
then there's buying a Coke for an awkward DJ
you believe knows something you also know
based on the last song he played and his shy salute
and finally let me put in a plug for taking the hand of
a little boy who thinks you're pretty cool and 
way stronger than his mean old gym teacher.

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