Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ramones - The Whole Thing

Okay, MRM. Here's one more iconic record from 70's rock. Some say the Ramones saved rock n roll from certain death single handedly.


  1. Great album, some tracks more lovely,
    I was familiar with Ramones through some your other posts. I know you love them, Thanks for sharing and for the info. I am investigating Rock history almost 5-6 decades after it was born and developed.

    1. That's great, MRM. There is so much to hear! Enjoy your voyage of discovery.

    2. interesting coincidence happened at the beginning of this voyage, just watched the movie “no one knows about Persian cats” from Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi. It’s illegally shot movie about underground music bands (Rock, Rap, …) who struggle government’s bans on growth of these types of music in Iran.
      Below are some links on YouTube if you liked to get a glimpse of the movie and its songs;


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