Monday, January 10, 2011


At twenty-two years old, a man is often described by older men as young and dumb. But this one, as near as I can tell, is a little different with a head full of static he's picked up from too many hours killing on the X-Box, and too much Beck and Limbaugh over the airwaves. He bought himself a Glock nine millimeter and an extended thirty round magazine, legally, in his home state of Arizona. Hell, I remember a store in Phoenix where you could buy a gun, a box of shells and all the liquor you need through the same drive-up window at the same time. Now he's gone and shot nineteen people on their weekend off in the parking lot of a strip mall. Six are dead. He managed to get himself a couple of what he probably thinks of as high value targets - a liberal congresswoman and a judge.

You also bagged a beautiful, entirely innocent, nine year old girl, you great big hero you.

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