Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring's Awakening Is Both Gentle And Rude

Sunday was sunny and in the 60s, a perfect day to take the kids to the playground. My 11 year old daughter became frightened while crawling across the top of the monkey bars - couldn't see a possible dismount - and when I saw her eyes, I flashed upon a time when she was just two and apprehensive about crossing the hanging footbridge with it's uncertain footing and singing chains. I threw a baseball with my 9 year old who, in his enthusiasm for this rare opportunity, ran right into the fence bruising his forehead and cheek, losing his shoe, refusing to cry. As I tried to split my attention between the other two, my 4 year old wanted me to see everything he did - climbing higher, sliding faster - "Push Me ! ...Watch Me!...Help ME!"

On a branch not far away stood a crow with a white tufted throat talking to us - not the usual "caw, caw, caw" announcement to his people, but a gentle rolling soliloquy. "Crows are my friends", my roughed up 9 year old said just as I was silently thanking the spirit-bird for his reminder.

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