Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Best Day Ever Again

all disasters averted today
so far and we go on
smiling, laughing, sleeping, complaining
mundane complaints
never knowing how close or far
it was
from coming down on our heads

we would be wise to
count ourselves lucky
not deserving
because it's coming down on
someone else somewhere else
right now
for no good reason at all
though they're probably
searching for one

I watch three children sleeping
in the backseat of the car
their heads all
leaning in the same direction

for now, we have enough
for now, the earth is solid under my feet
for now, the winds and rain, the heat and cold
are all moderate, restrained,
and polite.

the government here is not
trying to kill us for standing up
not now

no one explodes a bomb here
on a main street crowded with children
and others who believe something
good is possible

we are fortunate today,
not deserving,
and I carry the boy
who sleeps on my shoulder
from the car to his bed,
and am glad for it.

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