Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Half Baked is Better Than Not Baked At All, Right?

A general plan is taking shape for my tour of New York City. I'm going out from sunrise to sunrise - 24 hours, during which time I must cover Manhattan, Staten Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. I will take 4 photos an hour - one about every fifteen minutes, and at the top of the hour, I'll stop and write for ten or fifteen minutes. There is a California Evangelical preacher who is predicting that Saturday, May 21st is Judgement Day - a view that is apparently generating interest in a wider audience.

I will be your roving reporter covering the event from the streets of the world's greatest city.

There are 22 chapters in the Book of Revelations - that fact has to figure somehow into this adventure. I am also thinking about working in the I Ching - The Book of Changes. I know next to nothing about it, but the idea occurred to me yesterday so I'll do it.

If I survive, and the world does not end, I'll post an entry (representing one hour of my walk) a day here on the blog beginning next week.

I am looking forward to getting out there.


  1. what a plan! good luck and enjoy your tour!
    and no worries, world end is in 2012 not in 2011!!

  2. Years ago I did something similar but on a much smaller scale: used a disposable camera to take one photo at midday every day on a trip to Australia - the resulting random snapshots held more of the essence of the trip in some ways than the carefully selected.


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