Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buried At Sea

As I was getting ready for bed the night before last, my wife called my attention to the television and a special report announcing the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden. What did I feel? It's about time, I thought, but it didn't resolve anything, make anything right, or bring anyone back from the dead. Vengeance - some idea of making the score even through the multiplication of death.

Who was Bin Laden to us? None less than The Boogie Man - he who murdered innocent civilians around the world and was delusional enough to think himself pious and his war against ordinary people holy. And in fevered pursuit of The Boogie Man and his ideas, what have we become? Destroying cities, bombing mountain weddings, torturing prisoners, strafing boy shepherds in the blood fog of righteous war.

Truth be told, I'm glad he's dead and glad that it was an American who killed him. Something about that satisfies something in me, but it's a dark thing, and not something to celebrate. I will not chant USA,USA,USA in a crowd as if it were some hockey game and our team just scored the winning goal. 

At this moment, celebration feels like the wrong response, though the impulse to do so is also present. It is a moment of gravity, something heavy that calls for dignity and a civilized response.

May we take this time to solemnly watch The Boogie Man sink down beneath the waves, away into the dark abyss. May you carry down with you more than just your own murder, deluded ego and culture of Death, Osama.

May you carry down ours as well.

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  1. Amen!
    I agree and admire your point of view! although this evil guy’s death is a relief for many people but celebration is an immature and unwise reaction unless we can make sure that he was the last Boogie Man on the earth!


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