Friday, March 25, 2011


from the routine of sleep, transport child(ren), off to work
today and went to Cambridge
for an appointment
and saw people running for

Slim and sleek, in black and grey
and all the boys looked like all the other boys
and the girls, well,  likewise,
but they looked different from
their counterparts here.

 I browsed a market, bought some treats for the kids,
had a sandwich
and drank a salted yogurt drink from another country.

I stifled the impulse to laugh
when the therapist talked about ways of being
and realized how uncivilized I've become and,
well, fatalistic too, if you really must know.

 I did not run for the train,
I walked
and felt the outside sun and the rush of wind
through the subway on my skin
listened to the Middle Eastern girl sing a pop song
to herself quietly
in a coffee shop while working her shift,
not caring that anyone was listening,
and I looked out the window upon a view
I'd never quite seen before.

A slight and welcome shift.

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