Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sign Says KEEP OUT!

Another work related argument. I'm quick now, or again, to anger, to yell, thinking nothing of swearing when I know I'm right and the other party has become an obstacle, antagonist - my momentary enemy. My patience is used up, and that's not good, like drinking down your last swallow of clean water when on foot and alone in the desert is not good. A vacation in some patience-optional locality might be a starting point. If not that, some dry cave, a cozy hermitage with cool shade and birdsong. I'm seated in that place on a boulder where chipmunks (excellent character judges) approach with only the slightest hesitation , more out of politeness than of fear, to eat the treats I carry while sitting upright in the palm of my hand demonstrating to the most casual observer that I could not possibly be that bad man about whom you now mutter.

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