Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dark and Stormy

Eye teeth missing from
a brown smile
shoulders, bones
like birds.

You sailed this sea before, and
it crushed you.

Tonight you hear singing
and want to join them
as you watch the refrigerator tech work
all focus, bustle and

I'd hire you,
that's for
goddamn sure,
if I had a pot to piss in.

The heat is coming to press us down
close to flat
to see what we're made of

In the morning
I'll talk about rights
and how we are
privileged to take them away
from less privileged people,
and with a 
properly credentialed
legal signature

Call it power
stretching it's wings,
or call it crime,
or call it health care.

Aren't you the guy
blackening your own eyes
in the all night theater,

The 4:30 owl
is back again,
resident for some years now,
do you know me?

Your voice is startling,
clear and mournful,
and so very strange,
when heard out of context

And what is your context,
here before dawn,
feathered neighbor
lamps for eyes?

Waiting for the break of day
to knock off work

To knock off
as the day breaks

while a soft voice
speaks low to someone,
but it isn't

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