Sunday, July 10, 2011

Soul Killer (It's The Little Things)

Perpetual generic and name brand bombardment, laugh tracks and shit radio, day time television, shock jocks and cock blocks, Hollywood insiders and the thing that makes us forsake our own lives for a glimpse of that. Plastic surgery (I mean, what drives it), Just For Men, very young girls with provocative writing across their butts and the malls that define them. Standing in line, of any kind, not so much because time is wasting and you're missing out on doing something important, but because time is wasting and you don't know what else to do. Inertia, pointless repetition, mediocrity in the mirror unblinking, programmed repetition, hit radio, fake good times and forced laughter. Drowsiness unearned but unshakable, mental fog, physical lethargy - men in groups and women in groups. Struggle without end and the absence of struggle, and how some people cling to the idea that they are ill, broken, ugly, old, untalented, a victim, and how time slips away on them while this occurs. Woo girls and boys and the lump they put in my throat, but most of all that it's rigged for us to achieve our greatest possible human potential as consumers.

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