Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sunny, Dry and Blue is The Sky

Sunny, dry and blue is the sky
on this picture perfect summer's day.

I am making my way to the hospital
in the service of a paycheck,
first stopping for coffee and swinging
by the public library where the newspaper said
the Nazis would be,
but they're not.

You see they have a monthly White Pride meeting there,
those silly buggers, or at least they did until recently,
when there was a disturbance of some kind,
and so now they've been asked to go away.

Today they're coming here
to demonstrate for their right to free, if ignorant, speech.
While at the same time, other people are planning to
exercise free speech and their own rights to free assembly
nearby in order to inform the Nazis that their presence here
is not appreciated.

I see no evidence of either faction right now,
just a few people sitting on benches
out on the Common enjoying the day,
and six or seven cops,
stationed here and there,
socializing with each other and enjoying the overtime,
and a couple of people with tight smiles saying Jesus,
handing out pamphlets, and warning us all to

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