Monday, July 11, 2011

Soul Food Challenge

Now that our souls are crushed to bits of bitter spent coffee grounds, I would like to put forth a challenge to you, dear readers. I want to know how souls are built, what feeds yours, what makes it grow and thrive (if it is growing and thriving)?

 I think I could write a thousand pages in a weekend about all the enemies of the soul and revel in it, but what about the protectors of the soul, it's friends? For me, that means having to dig deeper.

This speaks to a dilemna I experience when I sit down to write, in that generally what comes out of me is kind of dark, and I end up asking myself if more darkness is what the world really needs and being disappointed in my writing.

It seems to me it's the soul - it's light - that needs the help, and maybe we have a unique opportunity as writers to do something about this.

So I ask you - reader, visitor, lurker, friend - what feeds your soul?

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  1. A real writer must see both dark and bright sides of the world and people’s life. It depends which side you want to dig deeper, if dark side, more darkness comes out and if shining side you will face strong light sources. The only way to protect our souls is to avoid focusing only on the dark side of the life and writers can help their readers by showing and highlighting the soul feeding light sources in people’s daily life. They shouldn’t push people into darkness by always talking about dark aspects of life.
    Hopes, wishes, dreams and all sensible beauties of the world can feed our souls but our souls don’t grow only by feeding from them. Rough facts and events of the life also play important role in growing and thriving our souls.


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