Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Fireworks Display

Another year of bringing the kids
out to the Independence Day Fireworks Display.

You have to get there three hours in advance
to stake out space on the ground to spread your blanket
and then find some way to keep the kids from disappearing in
the crowd or killing each other while waiting for darkness to fall

And when it's finally dark, you get to reflect for a second
about the passage of time, about how much they have grown
and changed since last year doing this same thing.

It's Jack's year this year.
Every explosion wrenches a vocal response from him.

"Christmas colors!"
"Golden hair growing out of a head!"

The crowd covers the entire field in
large numbers marked by
their glow stick wearing children -
subdued this year,
we're all a little tired -
despite the magnificent finale
that leaves Jack upside down and spent -
or maybe that's just me.

Jack's wide awake, and for him
this is just one more in a series
of best days ever.

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