Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Does it wear on you to see all that's going on in the world and to basically feel nothing about it and do nothing about it except sit back and wait until it drops on us? One disaster after another. Maybe I write a few words that no one reads about it, or tell someone to hang in there, but I don't do much to help the situation. I'm immersed in my own day to day catastrophes like everyone else.

Like Pakistan in the midst of it's monsoon season at 100 degree heat with nothing but rain forecast for the next couple of weeks with damn near half of the country already underwater. They say there are 20 million people affected, aid has not yet reached many who need it, and there just plain ain't enough to go around.

I donated some money to UNICEF today hoping it will make some kind of difference, to them and to me.


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