Monday, August 16, 2010

Stay Gold

I watched The Outsiders on the couch next to my little girl last night. She read the S.E. Hinton classic for summer reading, which explained why she wanted me to pick her up a pack of bubble gum cigarettes when I took the boys to the penny candy store. This was her second time watching it, so she wasn't emotional, but she did admit to crying the first time (Ralph Macchio as Johnny choked me up a little too). She said Rob Lowe, as Soda Pop, did a great job (which means she thinks he's cute). We talked about it after, and I said I took three lessons away from the movie: 1). Appreciate sunsets 2). NEVER smoke 3). Wear a jacket when you go out.
Then she played out Matt Dillon's hospital bed scene with the switchblade, "Let's do it for Johnny!"

We were Greasers last night, the two of us - man, how I hoped it could stay,

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