Friday, September 24, 2010

24. The Hatch

I'm not suicidal, or clinically depressed
(most of the time), though my writing
often reads that way.

I am not really planning to fake my own death
and relocate to Brazil, though I have said so dozens of times
and would love to see Brazil.

I think about running 100 mile races, hiking from coast to coast,
dropping out of the world
and walking the earth in some kind of pilgrimage
until I expire or something
magical occurs.

Sometimes I think about dropping silently off
the stern of the ship and just
bobbing like a cork out there as
the sun sinks down
below the smooth surface.

I need an out to hang in, that's all -
even if it's just in my head.

Especially if it's just in my head.


  1. this is great! the world inside my head does have some tenuous touch points with the world outside it; but it's where I go to escape...

  2. The out I hang in has become a lot less solitary since I discovered 6S - but it still begins, and takes place mostly in my head.


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