Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strangers in The Garden

We went to Plymouth Plantation over the weekend to do something vacation-like before we are seized in winter's icy grip. There are basically two parts to it, a Wampanoag village and a pilgrim settlement, both staffed by people in period costume doing the work of the day - tending the animals, working the gardens, repairing buildings. In the Wampanoag village, two of our kids were making corn husk dolls with a Native man, and the third was walking around with me. I got the notion to take a picture of a sunflower and took a step into the garden area to do so.

" Are you a stranger?", asked a little barefoot girl dressed in buckskin, "because strangers can't go in the garden".

"Come on" she said, taking both of us by the hand "let's run".

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