Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8. This Year You Write Your Novel

I went into a bookstore tonight
with the intention of breaking
a taboo.

Nothing to get jailed over,
but I
was planning
on reading
a book about writing -
novel writing.

Taboo because I get
all precious
when I think about writing -
like it has to come completely
direct from the source
without influence
or external

Raw -
no tricks
no technique

If someone teaches you how
to do it,
I think to myself when I'm precious,
than it is probably not
after all.

And I'd like to believe
I've got a little of it
in me,
you know?

Truth be told,
I'm a little afraid
I don't.

In the local section
I saw the cover of a book
featuring a portrait of a
familiar face.

The author is a former co-worker.
A clean, slim volume of poetry

Why so hard to accept
that you are
a writer?

Is it any harder to believe
you, of all people,
are a

Get to work.

1 comment:

  1. i have a great book called How not to write a novel... it's fun, and probably instructional if i ever did have enough ideas for a long piece...


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